Tips for Travelling with only one Bag


One universal problem many explorers have as they plan for a thrilling trip is multiple bags. From tens of clothes to heavy e-products, it’s trouble-free to take way more than you actually require and that will, in the end, slow you down from having fun you are supposed to do.

Having issues, I have come up with some ideas of enjoying the travel with no more than one bag travels the world with only one bag. Your bag will be having all the necessary things you want. I will tell you tips which would not only make you take one bag along with you but also put some extra stuff in it. Whether you are thinking to travel to Europe, or just want to learn for future tours the following tips will help you a lot.

The requirements:

One Light Bag


Select a light pack with an abundance of space. At the time of shopping in the shop and finding different bags, select the one that is easy to handle and is spacious. Do not select a bag which is uncomfortable.


Clothes that are free from wrinkle are best to put in bags. Make layers and make room. Do not keep the unnecessary quantity of clothes. Select few dresses. -free garments in neutral colors and only bring the essentials.

Choose only one pair of joggers in case the joggers you are wearing wear off. This step is necessary for walking and hiking.

Cleaning Items

Towels are necessary but remember if you stay somewhere you will get towels there. So, take a small towel with you. Do not keep a lot of cosmetics. Keep one toothbrush, toothpaste and a necessary oil and shampoo. Try to keep things that are very much needed.

Bottle of water

One cannot travel without water. It is very necessary as in case you don’t find water in your way your body can be dehydrated. But do not put a bottle in your bag. Hang the bottle on your shoulder so that you can consume water whenever needed.

Technological devices

Cameras are necessary if you are fond of photos. Well, I would suggest keeping a good camera phone along with you. That’s it. You don’t have to keep DSLR camera. One Smartphone is more than enough to fulfill all your technological requirements.

Some people keep laptops. Well, it’s a dumb idea. You are on vacation then why on earth do you need a laptop. Besides, it’s not easy to handle. It can be damaged while traveling.

Bags with cube and compression

Well, you are a dumb if you put all the clothes without any planning. You should compress all the dresses by pressing them. You can also select some bags that contain some cubes. In this way, you will be able to find your required dress quickly. Always put valuable things inside the bag. Even if you need more dresses on the trip, there is a good chance that you could but a couple of T-shirts on your way back. Above are some of the best ways to keep one bag when you are traveling the world.